A Couple of Readers’ Dinner Recipes

S&Y's Lunch.jpg

S & Y’s Chilli with….vegetables!!

Here we go!!!

Courgette 50 g, chickpeas 50g, black beans, 50g, 1 small red pepper,  black pepper, parsley and basil. These ingredients were stewed. In addition, we added: 1/2 small onion raw, one clove of garlic, 3 cherry tomatoes raw.
Stewed potatoes 100g. Then smashed them and add 50 ml soya milk.
It’s more than delicious!!!

Maggie’s Tasty Lasagne

This is my third time of making this tasty lasagne dish.  The recipe is sufficient for six portions so I shall have an easy supper for the next few weeks.

Maggie's Tasty Lasagne 01
There is no need to stray from the recipe, although I did slightly.  I used some home made tomato sauce from the freezer, probably trebled the amount of nutritional yeast and probably only about a third of the lemon juice, because that is what was ready prepared in the fridge.
Maggie's Tasty Lasagne 02
 I also added a layer of dry-fried chestnut mushrooms, because I had them available and thought they make a tasty addition.  But be assured, there is plenty of taste to this recipe just as it is written.  Oh, and I used spinach lasagne sheets rather than the zucchini noodles.  I have used the zucchini previously and it was very good.
Maggie's Tasty Lasagne 03
I precooked the lasagne sheets for a few minutes because the sauce is quite thick and I don’t think there would have been sufficient moisture for the pasta sheets to soften properly.
I layered as I would a normal lasagne…tomato sauce, **pasta sheets, spinach sauce,  tomato sauce,repeat from ** then finish with a final layer of pasta covered with tomato sauce and a sprinkle of faux parmesan and panko crumbs.
Maggie's Tasty Lasagne 05
I am always getting tempted and side-tracked by recipes that pop up in my media feed, but I am going to ignore all other lasagne recipes now. This works so well and is quick and easy.

Joe’s Comments

Both recipes look great. Thanks! You know what I am like with anything fried in oil or where oil has been added – so you can guess my opinion on panko crumbs, although I have never used them and they do sound really tasty. Would Maggie’s recipe work just as well with non-oil home-made breadcrumbs? Let me know if you try it…
If you have any recipes or cooking tips, let me have them!
And if you haven’t bought Dr Greger’s How Not To Die Cookbook yet, please consider doing so – ALL green light foods.
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