Whole Food Plant-Based Diet

My name is Joe Bath and I am a qualified nutritional therapist and teacher who eats a whole food plant-based (WFPB) diet without any added oils. Working from both the UK and Southern Spain, I would be delighted to help introduce you to the only proven diet that can reverse heart disease and offer optimum nutrition. Whether you wish to lose weight, tackle a chronic health problem such as obesity or diabetes, detoxify, improve your dietary habits or if you simply want to know more, please write to me at jbfoggy@gmail.com, call me on Skype 0044 20 8133 8780/mobile 0044 7816 093686 or visit www.wholefoodplantbaseddiet.com.

What I offer:

• Access to and education that validates the health claims of a WFPB diet – published research data that validates this way of eating as being effective in the prevention, treatment and, in some cases, reversal of such chronic conditions as:

o Cardiovascular disease
o Lung disease
o Kidney disease
o Auto-immune diseases
o Digestive complaints, such as Crohn’s disease, IBS, acid reflux
o Diabetes
o Hypertension
o Breast cancer, prostate cancer, digestive cancers, blood cancer
o Osteoarthritis
o Migraines
o Parkinson’s disease, etc

• Creation of a personalised nutrition plan to suit your needs.
• Provision of the leading professional computer programme for daily monitoring of food/drink, exercise, sleep, mood, weight and blood pressure. This will allow me to partner you along every stage of your journey towards a more healthy lifestyle.
• Daily support via the above programme, email, telephone and in person (when necessary).
• Cooking lessons/tips and detailed nutritional information on all matters related to living the optimal healthy lifestyle – eating whole food plant-based meals while avoiding animal products, processed foodstuffs and additives like sugar, salt and oils.

My approach is to focus both on the integrated nutrition for the body and the whole lifestyle needs of each person. Whilst we are all individuals with varying likes and dislikes, there is strong evidence that what constitutes the optimal diet for humans does not vary quite as much as we are led to believe. The closer the food you prepare looks like that food that grows in the ground, the healthier that food will be for all of us, regardless of our personal taste differences. After all, you are what you eat!

So, please contact me for an informal chat if you want to find out more. There is no obligation and there will be no pressure to use my services. I would be delighted to hear from you.

I wish you a healthy 2018,