Maggie’s Aubergines…


This is a handy aubergine recipe suggestion from Maggie, one of our readers.

In her own words: “Today for lunch I ate some aubergines which are delicious as prepared and cooked with this recipe [click on link for recipe details].  And I even remembered to take a photo.  A bit of a faff to prepare, but worth it.  I tried missing out the frying stage and put them directly into the oven, but they weren’t so good as when fried first.”

Joe’s opinion:

I would caution using ANY of the added cooking oils or added salt that are listed in the above recipe or, for that matter, in ANY recipes. In future blogs, I will be providing you all with sufficient published research data to substantiate my concerns about these two ingredients being any part of a WFPB diet. In this case, I would simply bake the aubergines without the oil as, I believe, Maggie is suggesting. Alternatively, they can be “sautéd” in a frying pan while ensuring that they don’t stick – possibly by dribbling small amounts of water into the pan while heating.

Maybe give it a try. It might work. It might be a disaster. But, let’s experiment! Come up with some suggestions on how to adapt this recipe and let us know how you got on (with photos or videos please).

If you want to use a recipe/cooking book that only contains green light foods, look no further than Dr Michael Greger’s “How Not To Die Cookbook”, available  here and on Kindle from here.

How Not To Die Cookbook.jpg

Finally, I just happen to have bought a lorry-load of fruit and veg (including a wheelbarrow full of aubergines – called eggplants in the recipe above) just as the Cómpeta outdoor market was closing today.

And as you can probably guess from the quantity (and this is only half of what we bought), they were selling stuff off at discounted prices…