Vegan ACC Ex-President Says Take Arsenic Instead of Cyanide

If you follow my blogs, you might recall I did one 1  some time ago on the first vegan president of the ACC (American College of Cardiology), Dr Kim Williams. In a 2018 backstage videoed interview 2 at the Hippocrates’ “The Real Truth About Health” conference, he presents a stark choice for the meat-eater – arsenic or cyanide.

Well, not strictly those precise poisons, but rather the choice between fresh meat (compared with arsenic) and processed meat (compared with cyanide). And this isn’t just a trite usage of similes; Dr Williams makes it perfectly clear  (45 mins into the video) that consuming either of these animal foods will play a significant part in killing you over time, based on extensive research that both he refers to in the video (see below) and which I’ve covered over and over again in my blogs 3 4 5 6 7 8 .

And this isn’t just a matter of one man’s opinion – the World Health Organisation (WHO) classified processed meat as a Group 1 carcinogen, making it rank along with such luminaries as tobacco and asbestos 9 .

Dr Williams is well worth listening to in this video. He is a calm, objective and authoritative voice within the plant-based world.

The Video


Final thoughts

In the previous blog 10 , I quoted Dr Fuhrman speaking about the medical profession and current diabetic treatment/mistreatment: “…a diabetic patient who is not a strict vegetarian is either ill-informed or foolishDoctors who know this information are irresponsible if they do not explain it to their patients.”

In light of the wealth of evidence about the primacy of the role of diet in preventing non-communicable diseases (like heart disease and cancer), it suddenly struck me how ridiculous it is that Dr Williams was the first and only vegan president of  an internationally-respected medical institution. One would assume that his dietary choice would be the norm for medical leaders who have all the research data at their fingertips. But maybe that’s the problem with assuming…

If you’re determined to eat animals, then along with Dr Williams I suggest that you stick to fresh meat and ditch the processed stuff completely – the sausages, ham, bacon, salami, etc. I have one good German friend who is most unlikely to contemplate life without his darling bratwurst, and that’s his right, of course.

However, if you want antidotes to these poisons, you’ll find some readily available ones at very reasonable cost – they’re called plants!

So, even if you’re not going to opt for a purely WFPB diet, at least try to cram in as much fruit and veg as you can – remember, that’s where the essential fibre and antioxidants live. You won’t find them in animal foods, processed or otherwise.


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