Evidence-Based Eating Guide by Dr Greger

If you haven’t already come across Dr Michael Greger and his invaluable website, nutritionfacts.org 1 , then you’re in for a treat. And, even if you have spent many happy hours listening to his dulcet tones 2 , or reading his fact-based articles 3  and his excellent books 4 5 , there’s a free WFPB dietary guide called the Evidence-Based Eating Guide 6 that you can download for yourself and/or for others who you think might benefit from it. (You will need to subscribe to Dr Greger’s FREE newsletter to get the guide, though – something that’s well worth doing in any case – link to relevant page.)

The Guide contains the following:

  • Why Nutrition Matters
  • Dining by Traffic Light (red, amber and green – never eat, eat sparingly, eat as much as you want, respectively)
  • Dr Greger’s Daily Dozen (the 12 foods that he recommends we eat every day – downloadable as a free app)
  • Tips For Including the Daily Dozen
  • Sample Menus for Checking Off the Daily Dozen
  • Nutritional Consideration & Common Nutritional Concerns
  • Put It Into Action

You won’t do better than following Dr Greger’s advice if you want to benefit from a WFPB diet.

Everything he claims about nutrition is backed up with solid evidence from peer-reviewed studies that you can check out yourself.

There are few medical experts in the field of nutrition who can match Dr Greger’s prolific output of articles and videos, all supported by facts-based research . He’s an inspiration to thousands and one of my personal heroes – he’s also hilariously entertaining.

If you want to introduce anyone to videos, articles or literature on WFPB diets, he’d be a perfect entree for them.



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