Breast Cancer and Nutritional Yeast

breast cancer
There is a type of fibre in nutritional yeast (a deactivated form of baker’s or brewer’s yeast) called beta-glucan. These fibres potentially enhance the body’s immune defences against breast and other cancers. 
Nutritional yeast is a great item to have in abundance in your larder. Apart from its potential health-giving properties, it brings great flavour to a wide variety of meals –  pasta sauces, veg gravies, salad dressings, mashed potato toppings, as a cheese substitute – in fact, any meals where you want to add its tasty cheesiness.
engevita nutritional yeast
Engevita nutritional yeast with added B12 is the one I tend to buy in bulk (12 cartons at a time!) from Holland & Barrett – UK cost £3.29 as of today.
Let us all know how you use it – better still, email me some recipes and photos of the meals you make with it.
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